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A Prayer For The 2020 Elections

Driving on the freeway to work (at my new job!) this past Friday, I was spending some time in prayer and God dropped this phrase into my mind:

More Unity, Less Debate

More Humility, Less Hate

I spoke it out loud in my car and it resonated as a central theme I wanted to elaborate on as our beloved USA braces for and endures this grand show called ‘The 2020 Elections’.

The day before, another phrase was circling around in my mind:

Regardless of the Outcome

Time had been set aside near the end of service at my church this morning to pray for our government, leaders, voters and nation.  I was asked to participate and certainly accepted the invitation.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you are fully aware that I pray.  A lot.  Heck, I even have a prayer room in my house.  Not boasting here, just sharing facts.  I love conversing with my Creator!  He cares about every detail of life, all emotions, struggles and joys… and loves us unconditionally!  (See the Prayers Page for more info.)

Typically, my prayers are free-flowing, impromptu and raw, not scripted or rehearsed.  However, when I was contemplating the topics I was going to help lead the congregation in prayer about, I felt the need to start typing out my thoughts this time.  The end result is something I would like to share with you.  Perhaps it will serve as a guide while we navigate what lies ahead:

American Flag with Cross next to it

Most Holy Heavenly Father –

Thank You for the privilege and freedom to come boldly to Your throne.
Thank You for Your sovereignty and grace.
Thank You for Your constant presence that does not change.
Thank You for Your faithfulness, patience and forgiveness.

We bow before You now…
Cleanse my heart and any hearts in agreement with me today. Forgive us from getting caught up in the sins of ill-spoken words, slander, judgment, complaining, mockery and pride. Help us learn to tame our tongues and prepare our hearts to vote according to Your will for our lives and our nation.

I pray against the spirits of deception and division that are disrupting the peace You call us to in the body of Christ and beyond. In Jesus’ name, bind these evil forces that seek to deceive and divide families, friendships and more.

May there be More Unity, Less Debate / More Humility, Less Hate.

May we agree to disagree with respect, because our goal is to bring You honor.
I pray against pride and arrogance regardless of the political party. We humbly come before You and ask that above all,


in all levels of government across this nation – from local school boards, to city/county, state and on up to the federal level.

As the ballots are counted, I pray for integrity and truth. I commit the entire election process, including the voters and outcomes, to You, the author and finisher of our faith.

Regardless of the outcome, You are worthy to be praised.
Regardless of the outcome, You remain the same.
Regardless of the outcome, You deserve the glory.
Regardless of the outcome, open our eyes to see those hurting around us and may we reach out in love and encouragement, lifting their eyes to Jesus.
Regardless of the outcome, thank You for opportunities to serve the poor and brokenhearted, together, across political lines and around this world.
Regardless of the outcome, You tell us to pray for our leaders and not curse them. We pray for their salvation, for stamina, for wisdom and for guidance.

We look for the Holy Spirit to rush in to heal and guide both leaders and voters lives in Jesus’ name.

My primary allegiance is not to a human or a political party, a flag or even a nation. May our first allegiance be to you Father, for You are the giver of life.

You already know the results. We trust You with them, for the government truly rests upon Your shoulders.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please deliver us from evil.

Yours is the Kingdom, the power and glory forever.  Amen.

Keep it Real. ~Kelly Rae

*Bible references:  Hebrews 12:2, 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Exodus 2:28, Psalm 36:9, Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 6:10,13

6 thoughts on “A Prayer For The 2020 Elections

  1. When I saw your email, I felt delighted! I want to keep the prayer before election handy. It is excellent. At Mass last Sunday, our priest also had a great message. He reminded us to pray for ALL, no matter the outcome. I need the peace of giving it to God. It’s very tiring waiting it out plus the worry of the unknown future. Not sure I have time right now to read the other parts of your blog, but I want to soon! Love, aunt m

    1. I appreciate the excellent reminder to continue to pray for ALL. Regardless of the outcome, God is still on the throne and He loves ALL! Thanks for your message, and for reading!

  2. That is a very timely and wise prayer Kelly! I’ll go back to it soon I’m sure. Thank you for sharing your heart! the “other Aunt Em”

  3. Thank you for sharing Kelly. This is what we all need to hear and take it all in. No matter the outcome we need to continue to give Grace and serve Our Lord.

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