Sometimes you can’t wait until everything lines up … or can you?

Hey. My name is Kelly Rae. I started a blog in 2012 and only posted about 50 times (some of those are included on this site).  Then a hiatus happened.

I knew this busy single-mom would blog again someday … but when? First, I needed to get a photo shoot lined up for head-shots and pictures with fun, unique angles. Then I needed a better computer and good photo-editing software.  Also, a different source of income besides my full-time day job would be nice, because my brain is fried when I leave that place and writer’s block is a thing.

Deep down, I figured God would work it all out in His timing and I would be ready when the call from heaven came.

Well, that call certainly came, as soon as COVID-19 hit the United States of America, and planet Earth.

Turns out I did wait until everything was lined up; it just didn’t line up how I thought it would!

So, 'While in Reality', here I sit with the same old computer using selfie head-shots and other pics taken by an unprofessional photographer, currently social distancing as much as possible from a day job until further notice.

‘It’s go time,’ saith the Lord. (1 Peter 4:10 paraphrased)

People are looking for stability, peace and hope. God has been constantly downloading information into my heart and mind.  It is my pleasure and desire to share His love and encouragement with you, through words…FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

The signature line used during my previous blogging days was: Keep It Real. Oh believe me, I will Keep It, because brothers and sisters, it just got REAL Real out there.  Messy too. Let us fall into the Arms of Grace together.

Thanks for visiting!

PS  One sentence bio:  I am single (yay) and also a mom, to a biological young adult son who doesn't live with me, and to an adopted young teen daughter who does live with me, along with a couple dogs named Hershey and Pablo.

Here we are: Video

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