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Blame it on TOM

I wasn't lying when I originally stated that I wanted to keep it real on this website.  Today's post will prove it.  If you are a male, I recommend you stop reading, right about ... now.

For the other half of the population, who have unfortunately been introduced to Tom, you will most likely agree that he is just an all-around bad deal.  An annoying, inconvenient, pain and bad-mood causing, bad deal.  He was supposed to show up Friday and spend the weekend with me (scandalous) so we could just get this show on the road and I could quickly say good-bye for the work week.  But nooooo, he decides to stand me up and wait 30+ days between visits this time, so now both my head and guts feel like they are going to explode, and my attitude?  It already exploded when I yelled at my daughter last night for not answering one of my questions quickly enough and at my son for waiting until bedtime on a Sunday to tell me he had homework due the next day.

The irritability continued this morning when my son turned on the tv, as he often does when waiting for his ride to school, and as soon as I detect the voice of Sponge Bob, I tell him to turn it off.  He proceeded to refer to me as Squidward.  Haha  'Well, I'm waiting for my period to start,' I casually informed him.  (Hey - I figured since he had 6th grade puberty class on Friday, he knows what's up.)  'Yeah, I could tell that last night,' he says.  I'm thankful he understands, and he continues to tell me how thankful he is to be a boy!

Back to blaming Tom for random outbursts ... check out what he made me buy at Target a few months ago!  001Buffalo Wing?  Who thinks of this stuff?  Ugh.  Probably some female executives in a meeting with an uninvited guest named Tom.

Can't forget to blame him for the insatiable hunger too.  There was an unopened, family-size bag of kettle-cooked, ridge-cut, sea salt and black pepper potato chips in my cupboard about this time last week.  I threw the empty bag away a couple days ago.  My daughter ate about 10 chips and Tom ate the rest.  He may or may not have dipped them in sour cream too.  Once again, ugh.

I would continue, but I have such severe brain fog waiting for Tom, that it would be best to log off the computer and go workout to try and clear my mind instead.  My co-workers and the clients will benefit from me doing what I can to feel better, considering my patience level is at zero.  You just might see me buying the econo-size bottle of Advil at Costco this week.

Blame Time Of the Month.

8 thoughts on “Blame it on TOM

  1. Best blog yet! Kelly you have outdone yourself! Maybe TOM is just waiting for Aunt Flow to come and do her job:) Then they can both move on… hang in there, I hear the ovaries don’t actually explode and drop out…Here’s to clear thinkin!

    1. Then why does it feel like they are about to?!? =) Oh, and thanks for texting that you about peed your pants laughing when you read it. That’s the 5 star comment I need because, as you know, my son appreciates his second mom sense of humor since his own mom doesn’t meet his standards in that area. HAHA

      1. Well my friend: You keep it real and I laugh at everything any 12 year old boy finds funny!! And I have zero bladder control:)

  2. Thanks for the laughs with this one! And glad to know I’m not the only one who is miserable on a monthly basis. My family suffers as well. I sure didn’t sign up for this package!

  3. SO funny Kelly – that is one thing I don’t miss about being “young” ! I’d almost forgotten about all those annoying things that go along with TOM, thanks for the reminder!

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