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Find Your Heart Again with 5 Heartfelt Clues…

Losing heart? Understandable. It’s quite messy out there right now, but TAKE HEART!  You can find it again. When embarking on a treasure hunt or solving a mystery case, it’s helpful to first know what you’re looking for. So what exactly is your heart? The heart is an amazing source of life, not only because […]

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Lives Matter: Let’s Practice ‘Life Listening’

Who struggles with listening skills? HERE I AM WITH MY HAND RAISED HIGH (but not proudly). I struggle with listening. I’m too busy forming more words and opinions instead of taking time to patiently listen. I also have a knack for interrupting (again, not proud). Quick comments, often negative and sarcastic, seem to fly out […]

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Keys to Stopping Unhealthy Fear in its Tracks

There is a spiritual battle raging in the world every minute, every hour, every day. As humans, we only see and understand glimpses of it with our physical eyes and finite minds, but there is evidence all around us. Today, let’s consider how this battle plays out in our thought patterns, especially in regard to […]

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