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Find Your Heart Again with 5 Heartfelt Clues…

Losing heart? Understandable. It’s quite messy out there right now, but TAKE HEART!  You can find it again.

When embarking on a treasure hunt or solving a mystery case, it’s helpful to first know what you’re looking for. So what exactly is your heart?

Shirt that says Don't Lose HeartThe heart is an amazing source of life, not only because it physically beats to keep you alive with proper blood flow, but in other ways as well. Did you know your heart is the root for the thoughts you have and the emotions you experience? It’s a very spiritual place too. The HEART (OF THE MATTER) is much more than an internal vital-organ. That’s why when the going gets tough, it can feel like you’re losing it.

Follow these 5 heartfelt clues to find your heart again:

Clue 5:  Identify Your Thought Life
A summary of this can be found in a previous post, Keys to Stopping Unhealthy Fear in Its Tracks. Basically, it’s pausing long enough to figure out the origin of where your thoughts are coming from. If they are oozing out of the dark side (ie Satan), then take them captive and tell all unhealthy thoughts to go back to hell. Replace them with truth! The mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart (Matthew 12:34), so if it’s full of negative thoughts, that negativity eventually emerges when you speak. Take the time to CHECK YOUR HEART CONDITION and pinpoint the starting points of your thought life. Then…

Clue 4:  Feel for a Minute
Emotions are real. It’s okay to shed tears. It’s okay to laugh out loud. It’s okay to be upset. WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE.  Whether the owner of a lonely heart (Yes) or an achy-breaky heart (Billy Ray C), or maybe one with a more heartwarming vibe, let yourself experience what is happening deep in the core of your being. Otherwise, emotions get stuffed inside and damage can occur. (Totally unrelated bonus clue … don’t use the word stuffed in Australia the same way I just did … waaaay different meaning.) Anyway, feel what needs to be felt. CRY YOUR HEART OUT if needed. Write/journal it out too!  Meanwhile…

Clue 3:  Tell God Everything
As a I heard a recent pastor say, ‘Lose your composure in the presence of God.’ Yasss! Believe me, He can take it. Um, He’s God. OPEN YOUR HEART! Tell Him everything, positive or negative. It’s healthier than quickly posting it on social media (which seems to be a trend), or vomiting your thoughts and emotions on your closest loved one. Sure, there is a time and place for voicing your opinion or deepest desire or latest achievement with others, but if you take them to God FIRST, it could reduce the risk of misunderstandings, hurt feelings and unintended consequences. If you’ve already laid it all out in front of God alone (worshiping and thanking Him all the while because He never changes and is always worthy of praise), then when you communicate with a fellow human, less is more. You’ve already said your piece to the most Loving Being in the entire universe and you might even feel better at that point without the need to express yourself further. However…

Clue 2:  Reach Out
If you’ve lost your %&$@ in front of your Creator (with or without the ugly cry), and you are still missing a few pieces of your heart, reach for some close, preferably wise, friends. You know, the type who know when to speak and when to listen, when to give you a hug (albeit virtually these COVID days), and when to give you some space until you’re ready to share and most importantly, when to go straight to prayer. Have a HEART TO HEART with someone you trust. Afterwards…

Clue 1:  Keep MovingCharm that says You're got to forge ahead, keep moving
Getting stuck with your thoughts can be rough. Getting caught up in your emotions can be dangerous. As mentioned, identify and walk through them. Talk to God and friends about them. Then move on! This is so important. It doesn’t have to be immediate, because finding your heart again is a process. Just make sure you FOLLOW YOUR (healthy) HEART, not one that is confused and chaotic. Step away from shadows of darkness, and toward the path that leads to light. Forge ahead.

There is a verse in the Bible (a good one to KNOW BY HEART) that says, Above all else, GUARD YOUR HEART for it is the wellspring of life (i.e. everything you do flows from it). Proverbs 4:23  That’s a tall order, but by following the clues above, you’ve not only become an observant detective in finding your heart again, but an expert in making decisions while guarding it so the lively thing doesn’t get away as often, or end up completely lost!

Jesus reminds us that ‘in this world you will have trouble (well-known fact), but TAKE HEART! I have overcome the world.’ John 16:33  That’s a promise to rest in. God wins!  Prayer:  That Power

Your heart is a treasure worth searching for, and most secure when given to God, The One who knows you best.  He accepts it with lots o’ grace.  Prayer: Here’s My Heart

‘Every man at the bottom of his heart, believes that he is a born detective.’ -John Buchan

So does every woman.  Go ahead, embark on that hunt for the treasure; I believe you can find your heart again!  You got this.

Oh and the shirt in the featured photo is from JJ Heller.  Option: Listen to her Don’t Lose Heart song here.

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