Holidays When You Just Want a Story

Fooled into a Hug

Just a little story that I can’t resist sharing today …

My pre-teen son was slowly and reluctantly getting his backpack organized to go back to middle school this morning after the 3-day weekend.  I went over to him and said that I had checked my email on my phone earlier and saw a mass email message stating there was a gas leak at the school so he didn’t have to go to today.

His head popped up with a priceless grin and a sparkle in his eye.  He took a couple quick steps toward me and gave me the most sincere hug I have received from him in a long time.

My next words?

‘April Fool’s.’

We all know that emotions from this age group can change within minutes.  This shift in demeanor took 0.5 seconds!

Crushed and now living in reality again, he just shook his head at me.  It isn’t the first time nor the last when I am able to read his thoughts … ‘My mom is so NOT cool.’

Starting my day with a good laugh and a hug sure works for me!  I am hesitant to think about paybacks though…



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