I Know You See Me. I Know You Hear Me.

When a common theme crosses my path 3 times during a weekend, it's definitely time to blog about it.  I hope this post provides the same level of encouragement to someone else that it brought to me (if not more)!


I haven't been listening to the radio much lately, but had a lot going on with my mind and body yesterday, so started scanning stations in the car because there is usually a lyric that can help express any situation or feeling that is happening at any given time.  My favorite instrument is the piano, and I heard a beautiful melody I didn't recognize so stopped on that particular station.  My attention was captured in a way that even though I had already arrived at my destination, I left the car running in a parking space before opening the door just to hear the song in its entirety.

One of the lines was 'I know You see me. I know You hear me, Lord.'

I was thankful when the DJ mentioned the artist's name so I could Google it later.  Turns out it was the co-lead singer of Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott, but this song was from an album released this year by her and her family.  Perhaps you've heard 'Thy Will' by now, but if not, I strongly recommend it.


My Sundays aren't as routine and rushed as the work/school days so I took some time to read the Aug. 28, 2016, page out of my ODB short devotional book earlier this morning.  The primary verse that was discussed was Genesis 16:13, 'I have now seen the One who sees me.'  These words were said by Hagar, a slave who was given to sleep with her master by his impatient wife who wasn't getting pregnant on her timeline, who then ended up mistreating Hagar.  Left alone, Hagar was told by an angel that her son would be named Ishmael, which means 'God hears.'

She experienced God's loving compassion despite the circumstances and responded, 'You are the God who sees me.'


The church I attend and serve in is very casual and the band that leads the worship songs is upbeat, modern and contemporary.  As a child, I attended a church with a more conservative, traditional style when it came to expressing worship in song, and have witnessed various other styles over the years.  In all of the above, I participate with my entire heart, but I do not sing because it's less painful for those around me!

One song I was lip-syncing this morning contained the line, 'I know You hear my cry' (I Surrender by Hillsong Live).


006069God sees.  God hears.  God understands.  God cares.  Even when the road of life seems foggy, confusing and difficult, I know He sees me and I know He hears me.  He is with me in the celebrations and He is with me in the pain.  His light breaks through the intermittent clouds of darkness and I am reminded again and again that He sees and He hears and He loves. Always.

4 thoughts on “I Know You See Me. I Know You Hear Me.

  1. I love this … I definitely need to sit down tonight and catch up on your entire site … Miss you girly ❤️

  2. I enjoyed reading this Kelly – you’re such a good writer. I think I can see a book of some type in your future! I got to listen to “Thy Will” while waiting at the chiropractor’s this morning. Thanks for sharing your insights into God’s word for us!

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