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Inspirational Book Alert!

By far, this is the most inspiring book I have read lately!!!


Thanks to a good friend who has the same taste in reading material that I do (no fiction or fantasy, just keep it real), I added a new favorite book to my list!  I appreciate the fact she has let me borrow quite a few quality reads over the last few years.  Well, I say borrow, which is accurate, but it's more like 'Here, you have to read this one.'  I don't spend a lot of time reading, but when a highly recommended true story is placed in my hands, I'm on it.

The sub-title has this description: 'a modern-day slave, an international art dealer, and the unlikely woman who bound them together.'  I won't compose a book report here, because I wouldn't even know where to start and even if I figured that out, it would never end.


Just read it.  Inspiration at its finest.


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