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It Takes a Village …

To quote the meaning of many African proverbs (not a certain politician's book): 'It takes a village to raise a child.'

I like to call my village Sistahville.

Over the past few years of being a single mom, that lovely village phrase has come to mind, and then recently, it came to life!  I would slightly alter it though.  'It takes a village of girlfriends to raise my children.'  They are girlfriends who I will probably never be able to pay back for all they are volunteering to do, but who wouldn't expect nor want me to.

It's hard to let go and let others help sometimes.  The transition from being a stay-at-home mom to working til 6pm a few weekdays is necessary and overall, a good thing for me.  I enjoy my new job and the opportunity to help others at the office.  I just finally had to come to place of accepting the assistance from fellow sistah villagers who were sincerely offering to participate in raising my kids.  After all, if the tables were turned, I would do the same for them!

From meeting my daughter at the bus stop to taking my son to soccer practice, and making sure they are fed and have their homework done, I know my friends care about my children.  Heck, one even offered to be the infirmary if my daughter gets sick while I'm at work AND has her older daughter approve who our sons are 'going out' with (which at this age, equates to who they have the longest text conversations with as far as I can tell).

Anyway, thank God for Sistahville.  I don't plan on moving away from this place anytime soon.


3 thoughts on “It Takes a Village …

  1. This makes me tear up! (It’s the melancholy Kel, no teasing 😉 No really though, I am so glad you have that support. Love you and your kids! Look forward to visiting your turf!

  2. I have to say, allowing others to help was one of the biggest lesson cancer taught me…Its really hard to even admit that you need help! I finally realized how lucky I was to actually have people in my life that were there for me, that wanted to help and support me. Incredibly grateful for the experience, the lesson, and the sistahs 🙂

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