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More or Less, I’m a Mess.

It's true.  There have been seasons in my life when I wouldn't dare admit it, but lately?  I will broadcast it to everyone.


The good news about knowing I'm a mess (and owning it), is that I'm still loved.  God created humans and loves each one unconditionally.  He loved me when I thought I had it all together for a length of time years ago, and He loves me now, when I can't seem to get it together!  Little did I know, I was the same mess back then as I am now, it just played out differently in my mind.  I used to be a seemingly innocent mess once in a while, but it was ugly, because of attitudes of pride, judgment and a living-above-the-realities-of-this-world-type mentality.  Now, While in Reality, I'm just a plain ol' mess on a daily basis, with aspirations of being a hot mess!

Yes, God loves us all.  When He walked on Earth as Jesus, He encountered religious groups like the Pharisees who taught that you should live life a certain way, follow a bunch of rules, thought they did it right and everyone else should too.  He called them out on their lifestyle, but often they resisted His attempts to expose their messy ways.  Seems like Jesus spent more time in the company of those who knew they were messy, undone and unkept, who were hurting and heavy-hearted, who were confused and cornered, lame and lonely, misunderstood and messy ... i.e. the majority of us.

Take heart, my friends.

There is an abundant source of grace that covers our messy lives.

Just like I stated on the Faith page, I am not religious, but I love Jesus.  Whether it's my life or the life of a prominent religious leader, a professional athlete, a young girl wondering where her next meal will come from, or a man pushing a shopping cart full of belongings along the sidewalk, we are equally loved and equally desperate for His grace, as we co-exist in this messy world, longing for the perfection of heaven.

Embrace being a mess!  Talk to God about it:  I'm a Mess

His arms of grace are waiting.

PS  A friend recently bought a couple copies of the miniature book, 'Messy Spirituality' by Michael Yaconelli.  She gave one to me and reading it has confirmed what I had already been thinking the past couple years about being a mess.  Check it out.  If you know you're a mess, you will probably like it too.

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  1. Nice post. I am/we are a mess too! I think being a joyful mess really blesses people because it puts the focus on Jesus. Vulnerability also invites friendship. Pretension separates. Thanks for giving us all permission to BE REAL!

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