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My Unseen Lover

Being single, Valentine's Day doesn't have much significance in my life.  I mean, it was fun to watch my daughter prepare small gifts for her middle school entourage and I loved giving her a mug from The Fix filled with chocolates and a balloon (especially since gift-giving/receiving is her primary love language; she thanked me multiple times throughout the day for it).  I also enjoyed sending photos from the same holiday last year to my son, reminiscing about how he was my hot date in the rain at a Phoenix Rising soccer game (he now has a girlfriend, so I'm clearly out of the picture this year!).  Other than those interactions, it was just another day.  I worked both jobs, daytime hours in the office and evening hours taking tickets at a playoff basketball game.

One spark though, is what prompted this post and even though Valentine's Day was four days ago, it's still on my mind, because I was reminded yet again just how much Jesus loves me.

Arriving at work on Valentine's Day, I saw flowers on a couple ladies' desks and some people sent me Happy Valentine's Day texts, to which I replied, 'Thanks!  To you too!  I'm celebrating S.A.D. Singles Awareness Day! Haha  Nah - Jesus is my lover.'  I meant it truthfully, albeit in a lighthearted way.  I'm not SAD at all about not being in a dating relationship and I love Jesus with all of my heart, mind and soul.  Turns out, He reciprocated those feelings in a simple, sweet, tangible way.

It doesn't rain often in the desert, but clouds formed again, just like a year ago on February 14, and it was sprinkling when I left work during my lunch break.  Upon my return to the office, Trader Joe's bag in one hand and removing the hood of my jacket with the other (yes, we actually wear this foreign layer of clothing for a couple months in AZ), I noticed a bright red color against the dark doormat as I entered the building.  I turned around and walked back out to take a closer look.  There, seemingly untouched, was a single rose petal.  I picked it up and went inside again, thinking there would be a bouquet for someone in the lobby.  Nope.  No other red flowers anywhere in sight.

After bringing a smile to the face of the receptionist by showing her I got flowers that day too, I placed this beautiful treasure on the center of my desk and admired it for the rest of the afternoon, truly accepting it as a gift from the unseen Lover of my Soul.  Jesus not only thought of me by dropping a rose petal from heaven (or maybe He covered the delivery fee for an angel to bring it to my workplace, which had to be an astronomical rate, marked up just for one day!), but also when he suffered and died on the cross for my sins.  These lyrics come to mind...

Laid behind the stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all'
(Michael W. Smith)

How precious is this love that Jesus extends to ALL people, EVERYDAY.

I'm so thankful He is alive and constantly thinking about us, sending reminders in unique ways!  Best.  Lover.  Ever.

4 thoughts on “My Unseen Lover

  1. Awwwwwe! I love that song!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    You’re the best friend ever, as you trust our Lord for EVERYTHING.
    Go God!

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