Holidays SML (Single Mom Life)

Not So SAD After All

S.A.D. is the acronym for Singles Awareness Day, an actual holiday most often 'celebrated' on Feb. 14.  Yes readers, I'm not the only one saying, 'I am fully aware of my fully single status on a day like today!'

When your expectations are at zero, then you can't be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised, right?  Well, yesterday after school, I saw my daughter with some Elmer's glue and she told me not to look because she was making something for me.

Let me tell you, this single mom will take a homemade, Popsicle-stick heart over some overpriced, store-bought (at the last minute) roses any day!

Then this morning, my son gave me a new phone case with an eagle on it (symbolizing one of my Bible faves, Isaiah 40:30-31, which is the inspiration behind the eagle's wing tattoo on my foot).  So thoughtful of him!

I saw a double trailer semi-truck full of flowers on my way to work today and I have to say, I got a little sick to my stomach, but then remembered how my kids made me feel.  Special, not SAD.

If you are single, Happy S.A.D.!!  If you aren't, I kinda don't want to hear about it, at least not today!  😉  Love to you all ...

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