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Truth in a Gift Shop

While browsing the eclectic contents of a quaint gift shop in Colorado recently, I saw multiple little notes with quotes placed on and around the cash register.  Some were light-hearted and humorous, others more thought-provoking.   The impact of this one caused me to immediately reach for my phone to snap a pic.  What truth!  What depth!  Not only did I […]

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I Know You See Me. I Know You Hear Me.

When a common theme crosses my path 3 times during a weekend, it’s definitely time to blog about it.  I hope this post provides the same level of encouragement to someone else that it brought to me (if not more)! 1)  WORDS HEARD I haven’t been listening to the radio much lately, but had a lot going on with […]

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Holidays SML (Single Mom Life) When You Just Want a Story

Wrapping Christmas

The opposite personalities of my kids showed up yet again recently.  They are equally lovable, but extremely different.  Here is how they wrapped Christmas for me this year (without the help of the other parent because there’s isn’t one readily available! #singleparentgiftprep #getcreative #stillloved) … My energetic daughter’s primary love language is gift-giving.  She has been […]

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