Holidays SML (Single Mom Life)

Not So SAD After All

S.A.D. is the acronym for Singles Awareness Day, an actual holiday most often ‘celebrated’ on Feb. 14.  Yes readers, I’m not the only one saying, ‘I am fully aware of my fully single status on a day like today!’ When your expectations are at zero, then you can’t be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised, right?  Well, […]

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Encouragement SML (Single Mom Life)

Waiting on God…

Months ago, I threw together a wall display in my bedroom, using homemade letters from a beautiful friend who decorated them with cool, eclectic paper designs (photo doesn’t do them justice) and a hand-me-down wall decal another friend found during her laundry room clean-out project.  One was a special birthday gift and the other was […]

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Holidays When You Just Want a Story

Simple Joy … with a Buzz

As I was packing Christmas decorations back in boxes today, I was mentally reviewing this past holiday season.  One highlight stands out far above the rest and it happened during an afternoon I was unpacking the Christmas lights a few weeks ago. My daughter was in the house watching a television show after school and […]

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