Pause with Pablo

What team doesn’t need a mascot for support and entertainment?

Meet Pablo!  Blogdog for Team Reality.

He came into my life quite unexpectedly.

Late one Saturday evening, I was driving to a friend’s house.  His son called when I was about to arrive and told me a puppy was left in their front yard (exactly how remains a mystery).  It was dark outside, so we scrambled to get a box from the back of my car (thanks to a previous Costco run), a beach towel from the house and made a mad dash to the nearest grocery store for some type of dog food.  I was persistently calling any numbers that came up in my ‘animal shelter’ internet search.  No luck.  We took him inside, decided on the name Pablo, soaked the kibble in water and hand-fed it to him.  He loved it!

After a couple days of trying to track down possible leads for people to adopt the tiny, 2 lb ball of energy, I made arrangements to meet a potential owner, but didn’t have a good feeling about the situation.  Puppies are a lot of work and I certainly wasn’t looking for another dog, but at the same time, couldn’t seem to let him go.

That was over 5 years ago!  It became evident that some type of angel dropped Pablo off in the grass that night.  God has certainly used him to keep me out of trouble and I’ve also been educated on what it’s like to own a real dog/dawg.  You see, I was accustomed to Hershey, my other small dog who is super-friendly, easy-going and extremely low maintenance (basically like a stuffed animal with lungs).  Pablo, however, has a completely different personality, with attitude.

He causes me to pause and appreciate reality.

As the blogdog mascot, I hope Pablo brings as much entertainment and support to your life as he has to mine.

He is one of a kind!

PS  He is so one of a kind, that we don’t know what one kind he is!  Best guess?  A mix of beagle, pug, dachshund and chihuahua (the latter shows up in the under-bite … and attitude).

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