Creation Speaks


There is no limit to Your creativity, God.

From humans to stars, glimpses of You are everywhere.

Thank you for all of creation … for the rising of a new day and the painting of a sunset, for the colors of a rainbow and the shapes of mountains, for unique animals and both still and rushing waters.

All of creation longs for the day when You will align everything into perfect working order.  Romans 8:19,22

Until then, we praise You, and if we ever stop, the rocks will cry out!  Luke 19:40

Seeds and buds grow into trees and flowers.  New life surrounds us, inside and outside of the womb.

The weather obeys You!  Matthew 8:27

Help me to see You in the intricate details, as well as the majestic displays and not take either for granted.


I rest in the beauty of Your created world.


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