I’m Freaking Out


What the heck is happening?

They say ‘get a grip’ and ‘pull yourself together’ but sometimes I just don’t know how!

I’m nervous, anxious and scared.

Please help me, Lord.  Please comfort me.

The Bible says ‘Fear not’ and ‘Do not be afraid’ over a hundred times.

Why?  Because unhealthy fear can’t be trusted!  I say today that I CAN TRUST YOU, God, and You alone.

So take these spirits of fear and panic away and replace them with the sound mind you gave me.  2 Timothy 1:7

Remove this worry … it doesn’t do me any good!  Luke 12:2

Replace the crazy … with calm.

Remind me of Your promises … to reduce the stress.

Praise You for always being the stable one.


I rest in Your perfect love and peace.


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