That Power


Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God ALMIGHTY; the whole earth is full of His glory!  Isaiah 6:3

Hallelujah!  For our Lord God ALMIGHTY reigns.  Rev. 19:6

From creating an entire universe and the inner workings of a human brain, to releasing a butterfly from a cocoon and raising Jesus from death to life, Your power is limitless.

God, You are the ultimate power source.

Praise You for allowing this power to be available in my life too, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, when I choose to put my faith in Jesus.  John 14:17

I stand in awe of Your power and I stand with Your power.

Show me when and how to move with the Holy Spirit and also when to pray and observe Your grand display of strength, for You are great and abundant in power.  Psalm 147:5

Whether I’m feeling weak or strong…


I rest in Your omnipotence (all powerful-ness).


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