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Staying Focused at Cane’s

On my way back from an appointment this evening, I called my daughter to see what type of dinner she was in the mood for.  She wanted Cane’s = #onelove.  I realized the new location was only a city block away from where I was driving, so I agreed to stop there on my way home.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is bomb so this story is not a slam, just ironic and it made me laugh.  Plus, I feel like writing. Continue…

Going through drive thru lines has been slightly more challenging the past couple years, because my driver’s side window doesn’t roll down.  I don’t mind, but it sure embarrasses the preteen daughter.  Good thing she wasn’t along for this particular trip, or she would have been hiding in the back of the car by the time we picked up the food.

I navigated my way through the double drive thru lanes that spill into an adjacent parking lot (if you’ve been there, you know the struggle), and calculated the space needed on a tight curve to open my door near the mic. box, without it hitting anything, or allowing contents to fall out of the side compartment for the person behind me to see.

‘Umm, can I please have the Box Combo with an unsweet tea and lemonade mix?’  I purposely didn’t say Arnie Palmer because I didn’t know if the standard was unsweet or sweet tea for mixing.

Successfully conquering the lane merge and yet another curve before stopping to pay, I was feeling confident.  Opening the door at the first window requires additional skill and timing because I’m not just talking, I’m passing money at an odd angle to someone who is constrained by a tiny box frame.  Due to current events, this someone also had a mask and gloves on.

‘Box Combo with extra Cane’s sauce?’ she asked, muffled.  ‘Ummm, I didn’t think I ordered that but it’s fine.’  What I meant was I didn’t order extra Cane’s sauce.  She probably thought, Wow – we aren’t that far from the menu stand, and you don’t know what you ordered? I awkwardly hand her a $20, got my change (without dislocating my elbow) and shut the door. #wasthatlove

Note to self:  Don’t multitask in the drive thru line.  I opened the center console to put the coins from my change in it and slowly pulled away, hands not fully on the wheel.  Maybe my ’04 vehicle’s alignment is off because even at 2 miles per hour, it took a hard right. I caught the wheel in time to recover and made it to the pick-up window, all within the span of a car length.  Whew. Opening the door for a third time, I see a couple more teens wearing custom face coverings.

‘Did you see that?’ I asked, laughing.  ‘I was putting my change away and about pulled out of the drive thru!’

(This is the point in which my daughter would have climbed to the very back of the car … you know, the place that has extra seats, but they aren’t in the up position.  I keep a blanket back there so she could have easily escaped another mortifying mom moment.)

They didn’t reply, so I just apologized for my window being broken.

He holds out the drink.  ‘That’s tea and lemonade, right?’ I inquired.

The girl behind him says, ‘Yes, unsweet.’  He says ‘Yes, an AP, Arnie Palmer.’  I nodded to express my thanks.  #feelthelove

Note worth mentioning:  I’m a pro at getting drinks into the car at an angle, haven’t spilled one yet.

Next, as he hands me my bag of food, I hear him exclaim with a light tone, ‘Stay on the road!’  The sincerity vs sarcasm was unclear due to the mask, so I just smiled and said, ‘Right? Hahaha’

Safely travelling again, I reviewed the events that just occurred. I’ve worked in restaurants and stores before.  Customers leave.  Comments are made.  You know it!  After it appeared I didn’t remember what I ordered at the first window, and then didn’t remember how to drive by the time I arrived at the second window, I’m sure the comments after I drove away went something like, Bruh, was she drunk? or That lady was high or I hope SHE makes it home!

Judged for sure.  (Alright, they probably didn’t say a word, but I need this story to work.)

Thinking about it was actually quite convicting because I know how often I’ve made fun of people without knowing the whole situation!  #wheresthelove

Here’s the kicker…

While standing in my kitchen, I looked at the receipt.  It said Box Combo (correct).  Then these notes, which I read out loud:  Coke, no slaw, extra toast, extra Cane’s sauce.  Ummm … I don’t think this was our order.  My daughter said, ‘Yeah I opened it and noticed 2 pieces of toast.’  I told her to take a drink to see if it was an Arnie Palmer. ‘Nope, it’s Coke.’

OKAY CANE’S workers.  If you made any comments about me, then HA!  At least get the order right. You had opportunities to confirm accuracy – once when I was ignored while trying to communicate it wasn’t my order and another time, when two of y’all called a darker, carbonated beverage an AP.  In n Out Burger repeats the order 3 times.  Just sayin’.  😉

Honestly, I just felt bad for the person who got my daughter’s order because he/she would have received the Box Combo as is … WITH coleslaw, NO extra toast, and NO extra sauce.  Oops. #nolove

It worked out better for us because we would have thrown the coleslaw away, didn’t need any extra sauce and my daughter was thankful to have extra toast.

He said Stay on the Road.  Apparently, we ALL needed to Stay Focused, bruh.




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