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Teenage Storm

I keep a small flip-the-page type calendar on my kitchen table.  Each day offers a positive thought and a Bible verse.  Yesterday, it stated:

'Sometimes we just have to hide in God's shadow until the storm passes by.' 

It was extracted from Psalm 57:1 which reads, 'In You my soul takes refuge.  I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings until the disaster has passed.'

This can apply to SO many seasons of life.  This particular calendar has been on my table for years, and each time I turn to this date, it (along with every other page) has encouraged me throughout the various trials/storms I've experienced.

My current storm = Raising a teenage boy.  (Especially one who has the opposite personality as mine and who could care less about academics.)  Believe me, I love him and there are plenty of fun and entertaining moments involved, but at least a few times a day, I'm seeking refuge!

202There is a cross on my desk at work and recently, after yet another text from my teen that he failed yet another test at school because he didn't study yet again (hey - at least he owns it ... insert rolling eyes emoji), I grabbed a miniature sticky note and wrote his name on it.  As you can see in the photo, it now serves as a reminder to constantly place him at the feet of Jesus and ask God to fill in the gaps with His grace.  Gaps in my single mom parenting and gaps in just needing him to get through classes he doesn't like in order to reach a niche in life that does interest him.  My co-workers with adult children are telling me this will actually happen!  Until then, I will be:

--> taking deep, cleansing breaths to reduce frustration & irritation (ie refrain from punching him er... I mean something, punching something - laugh, I'm half joking),

--> remaining curious and hopeful about my teenager's future, and

--> praying (prayers like I Can't Even) from the shadows, as the storm continues to roll along, while drawing my strength from God, the ultimate shadow-provider.

3 thoughts on “Teenage Storm

  1. Hang in there Kelly – this too shall pass! I’m sure you are an amazing mother to both your kiddos, it must be challenging though when they’re so opposite. Your Uncle Bob & Aunt Duch are in Chandler now and we’re in Casa Grande. We’re hopeful we can all get together, possibly when your parents are in AZ for the BD girl?

  2. I just love this post. I absolutely love how transparent and honest it is! I understand sista! Dealing with some of this on my own over here too. love you lady, you are fabulous!
    ps….let’s set a gf date maybe we can buy a new calendar hahahaa

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