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The Unveiling That Leads to Freedom

FireworksWhat an honor and a privilege to live in the United States of America. Despite the corrupt agendas of certain haters and the deceptive mainstream media tactics this past year, causing worldwide confusion, living in this country is still a blessing.

Over this past weekend, many of us fondly remembered our nation’s history and those who have gone before us to pave a way to FREEDOM. Some celebrated with the traditional 4th of July symbols, flags flyin’, stars ‘n stripes stylin’ and fireworks flashin’. While participating in these festivities, my guess is that among the boxes and bags of explosives, there were a few lame sparklers that just wouldn’t light, flash or shine.

As I considered and contemplated different forms of FREEDOM this year, a specific symbol came to mind: the VEIL.  It lights up every time, in different ways.  Sharing a couple shining veil attributes with you today:

1) That Dark Day – A TORN VEIL
When Jesus took upon the sins of the world and died a gruesome death in our place, a somewhat eerie event occurred at the moment He called out, ‘Father, into Your hands I commit my Spirit.’ The sun stopped shining as He gave up His Spirit and breathed His last. Inside the temple, a veil (large curtain) was mysteriously torn in two from top to bottom. Luke 23:44-46Light shining in small opening of black curtains
This veil previously separated a room that only certain priests could enter to be in the presence of God on behalf of the people. Now it was torn in two by God’s power, to symbolize free access to our Creator through the loving act of Jesus shedding His blood on the cross (and miraculously rising from the dead 3 days later). The glory of God is not hidden; it is available 24/7. Only through Jesus can the full light of God’s glory become known, and now we have FREEDOM to enter into His presence/glory anytime, anywhere. Hebrews 10:19-2

2) That Day of Light – A LIFTED VEIL
When we choose to enter through the torn, once tangible veil, an invisible, intangible veil is lifted.
This veil previously covered the hearts and faces of people, but it is removed from those who choose to believe that although we are all sinners, Jesus came to forgive our sins. When we repent and desire a life with Jesus, not only do we have access to His glory, but once we behold the presence of God, we will start to reflect what we behold. The veil is removed from our hearts and faces, and we live free from the weight of our sin. Instead, the weight of His glory surrounds us and radiates outward. Glory comes from the Lord and ‘where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.’ 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done; God’s glorious FREEDOM of forgiveness through Jesus Christ is available to you when you step through the symbolic, torn veil and unveil your mess of life.

Think of it this way:

No Guilt, No Game
No Secrets, No Shame

Come to Him honestly, without hindrance or hesitation. He created you! He knows you! He loves you! (Prayer: I’m a Mess)

It doesn’t matter what country you live in; God’s* glorious FREEDOM is available to all people. The natural response from experiencing the torn veil and the lifted veil is praise.

Will you praise God with me today?

Jesus’* sacrifice on the cross freed us from our sin and then He left us with the Holy Spirit* so we can continue to live in FREEDOM.

Back of child holding bright sparkler against night sky

Like the bright fireworks against the dark, 4th of July sky, those who choose the unveiling that leads to eternal FREEDOM will be like sparklers that light up every time.

Keep flashing … er … shining!

Keep it Real. ~Kelly Rae


* Sidenote: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are known as the Trinity (3 in 1; three distinct persons in one eternal being).

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  1. This is really wonderful! You articulate well the heartbeat of God. May The Holy Spirit strengthen you as you stretch yourself out more for Christ’s sake. Go Kelly go! You’re writings are a beautiful expression of your love for Our Heavenly Father!

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