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Waiting on God…

Months ago, I threw together a wall display in my bedroom, using homemade letters from a beautiful friend who decorated them with cool, eclectic paper designs (photo doesn't do them justice) and a hand-me-down wall decal another friend found during her laundry room clean-out project.  One was a special birthday gift and the other was a 'want this or it's going in the trash' gift, which is special too, I guess (?).  Well, at least her friendship is.  Anyway, I combined them with a couple candle holders and a framed eagle painting I've had for years, which has my life verse engraved on the bottom of it (Isaiah 40:30-31).  Bonus info:  This verse is also the inspiration behind the eagle's wing tattoo on my right foot.

The entire message filled the space I wanted it to.

You know how it is ... day to day life happens and you walk in and out of the rooms in your house without really looking at what you took the time to decorate with.  This changed for me last week.

Now that my kids are in school and my financial spousal support is nearing an end, it's high time I find a job.  Almost every time I've submitted a resume during the past month though, I sense a quiet whisper, 'Wait.'  Um ... wait for what, God?  $Money$ to grow on trees?

Each morning, feeling somewhat directionless, yet at peace, I turn off my alarm clock and gaze at the wall display in front of me.  As I soak in the truth of the message I chose to enhance a large, blank wall with, I am reminded that God has my best interest in mind and He will provide.

Song lyrics like 'Our God is able' and 'He is faithful' come to mind and ring true.  'Always' is also a song by Kristian Stanfill that came on the radio when I pulled into the bank parking lot the other day.  Unsure about my source of employment, the chorus was certainly a source of encouragement:

'Oh, my God, He will not delay / My refuge and strength always / I will not fear, His promise is true

My God will come through, always / Always'

He has come through many times in the past and I am sure He will again.  It's just a matter of trusting in His perfect timing and plans, not mine.  So, still seeking clear direction, I continue to Rise and to Rest, Waiting on God (Waiting Prayer) because Everyday Holds a Possibility of a Miracle.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on God…

  1. This speaks to my heart! I am in a similar boat: of waiting for direction but still having peace. Sometimes I almost get anxious that I feel so much peace when I should be freaking out! Haha. I love that Kristian Stanfill song, too. Thanks for bringing it to mind again today. I will be praying for direction & provision for you!

    1. Thanks so much, Caryn! Let me know how and when He comes through with some sort of direction for ya and I will do the same. Did you ever count how many verses there are about waiting? Ugh. I mean … amazing! =)

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