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Wrapping Christmas

The opposite personalities of my kids showed up yet again recently.  They are equally lovable, but extremely different.  Here is how they wrapped Christmas for me this year (without the help of the other parent because there's isn't one readily available! #singleparentgiftprep #getcreative #stillloved) ...

My energetic daughter's primary love language is gift-giving.  She has been creating gifts and creatively wrapping them since she was very young.  I have found everything from decorated love notes wrapped in tin foil to beads and rocks carefully placed in used bags/boxes covered in stickers throughout the house, no holiday needed.  She gets equally excited about both giving and receiving gifts.  This Christmas was no exception.

My chill son's primary love language is ... um ... I will let you know when I figure that out.  Is there one that is associated with an Xbox, Tablet or phone?  Let's just say he is a witty teenager who would prefer not to expend energy on anything that doesn't involve a screen (including homework and chores), although this Christmas, I award him extra credit for resourcefulness.

My 8-yr-old, proactive daughter was preparing Christmas gifts for me for weeks and had them all in her room, exquisitely wrapped with a variety of themed gift wrap, bows and bags, ready to place under the tree.

My 15-yr-old, procrastinator son was not preparing gifts at all.  As I entered his messy room, handing him an unwrapped gift (yes, I used his allowance to purchase myself some fabulously cute boot cuff socks), I informed him it was a gift for me that needed to be wrapped. =) I did not see him exit his room, but he soon told me he was finished.104

Who needs wrapping paper, tape and scissors when you have a leftover Circle K bag and mustache duct tape available within reach as you are concentrating on a Call of Duty Black Ops game?  Oh, and what are gift tags for when you have a black Sharpie to casually write To: Mom  From: Me on the side of the bag?

Next, I hand him a gift in a Target bag to wrap for his sister.  Once again, who needs wrapping supplies, when you don't even have to take it out of the bag?  He did step it up a notch though and tie it shut with some pink ribbon.  Impressive.

Obviously, the ways my kids wrapped Christmas for me were extremely different, but the gifts were equally lovable.

As I reflect on (and am entertained by) the variety of gift-wrapping methods, I can't help but think about the most precious Christmas gift of all, wrapped that holy night in what was probably the only material accessible, linen cloths.  Nothing fancy, but those swaddling clothes held the most pure and genuine gift of love known to man, Jesus.

...and that's a wrap.  😉

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

One thought on “Wrapping Christmas

  1. Kelly – I loved reading about Amber and Payson and their differences! You’re such a good writer, very entertaining and I’m glad you included the pictures of the end results! But the last paragraph about the best gift given to us by our Heavenly Father was the best!

    Love you all and thanks for sharing –
    Aunt Emy and Uncle Paul

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